Which Level?
Which Level?

Which Level Is Right?

You realize it’s time to find a new home for your elderly parent. Then, consider the Elizabeth Scott Community. We offer the comforts of home, a family atmosphere, and multiple levels of care. But which level is right for your loved one? 

At the Elizabeth Scott Community, our professional staff will assess the mental and health status of your loved one and recommend the appropriate level of care. Here are typical characteristics of individuals who are living in our various levels of care. Keep in mind that we will conduct a formal, face-to-face assessment to determine the actual level of care needed. 

Independent Living

  • Able to drive a car
  • Can walk without assistance

Assisted Living I

  • Able to walk without assistance
  • Needs assistance preparing meals
  • Needs to be reminded to take medications

Enhanced Living II

  • Needs assistance taking a bath or shower
  • Requires help going to the bathroom
  • Requires a secure building due to memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s

Skilled Nursing

  • Needs assistance from more than one staff member to take a shower
  • Requires more than one person for help going to the bathroom
  • Requires daily nursing care
  • Needs a secure building due to memory loss, dementia, or Alzheimer’s
  • Qualifies to pay through Medicaid

Rehabilitation Services

  • Need short-term physical, occupational or speech therapy due to an accident or illness
  • Therapy can last several weeks, so patient must live in the facility the entire time
  • Outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy also offered in our state-of-the-art therapy gym

Temporary Stay

  • Caregiver needs a break to handle personal matters or go on vacation
  • Loved one can’t stay at home alone and needs to be assisted or monitored