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Let's Talk

Talking With a Loved One

We realize it is difficult to speak to a parent or loved one about leaving their home to move into a facility. After all, we value our independence. Aging is not an easy fact to face. No one wants to ask for help with walking, eating, going to the bathroom, or showering. 

But it is important to talk with your loved one … sooner rather than late. You don’t want to wait for a crisis to hit. At the Elizabeth Scott Community, we’ve heard many such stories. Like a loved one who falls at home and isn’t discovered for hours. It often ends with a hospital emergency room visit followed by a forced decision to quickly research and find a facility for mom or dad. 

Open communication is important. You don’t want your loved one to feel they are being forced to leave their home and move to a strange facility where they have no say in the matter. Sit down with your loved one and give them the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings while you discuss the benefits of a facility that offers professional care. 

Some loved ones may be eager to make the move while others may find the idea quite unsettling. The idea of change is one of the most difficult for humans to accept. 

The caring professionals at the Elizabeth Scott Community can help you with that important conversation. Contact us.