Living Options
Living Options

Temporary Stay

This service is offered to individuals as a short-term place for them to stay so family members and caregivers can take time off. Temporary stay is available in both our Assisted Living I & Enhanced Living II facilities.

Benefits To Caregivers

Benefits To Caregivers

  • Rest and relaxation
  • Time to recover from a medical procedure
  • Time to renovate their home
  • Able to take a vacation
  • Able to attend to a family matter
  • Opportunity to have their loved one experience Assisted Living on a limited basis
Benefits to the Resident

Benefits to the Resident

  • Opportunity to experience living in one of our Assisted Living I units along with our food menu and to see how our facility operates before making the final decision
  • Housekeeping, maintenance, meals, transportation
  • Daily activities and outings

Where To Begin

Choosing a continuing care facility can be difficult, so we want to help. Visit our Where to Begin section to learn more about this process, including financial considerations and how to talk to your loved one. Our professional staff will help by assessing the mental and health status of your loved one and recommend the appropriate level of care.