COVID-19 Response

At the Elizabeth Scott Community, our focus has always been on providing the proper care and safety for our residents. When COVID-19 arrived in the U.S., we promptly reacted and took the necessary protocols to protect residents, staff, and visitors. We were required by law to follow guidelines established by the CDC, CMS as well as the Ohio and Lucas County Departments of Health. These guidelines would change over time as more information was learned about the virus. 


Our goal was to do everything possible to prevent COVID from entering our facilities. Long-term care facilities, however, were not immune to the spread of the virus. Despite all of our efforts to protect residents and staff, we did have some occurrences of COVID within our campus. When we did, we promptly notified the health department and published this information for the public.   


Fortunately, COVID vaccination and safety protocols have reduced the spread of the virus, and we have returned to a new normal at our facility. Below is our current visitation policy. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  



In September 2022, the CDC and CMS announced extensive changes to their COVID-19 guidelines. Here are the changes that apply to staff and visitors. 


  1. MASKING: All visitors must wear a mask. Please bring your own mask from home.
  2. SCREENING: No screening upon entry.


  1. TESTING: Weekly routine testing has been eliminated regardless of the employee’s vaccination status. Staff members will be required to test if they have COVID symptoms or are exposed to someone with COVID. 
  2. MASKING: All staff may use surgical masks.
  3. SCREENING: We will no longer require staff (or visitors) to screen when entering the facility.