Coming Spring 2015! New Skilled Rehab Center!


The Elizabeth Scott Community has been family owned and operated since 1949, which sets us apart from corporate-owned facilities. The care and attention of our owners extends to our dedicated staff members who treat residents as if they are family. In addition, our multiple levels of care allow us to meet the changing needs of elderly residents on a single campus.

"The staff and therapists at Elizabeth Scott have made me a lot better than I was when I first arrived there from the hospital. All of the staff members are courteous, kind hearted and caring. Elizabeth Scott has an outstanding team. In all my years of medical practice, I've never seen a health care facility so well run."

Lloyd Kavanagh, M.D., OB/GYN (Retired), Two-month resident of Elizabeth Scott's Skilled Rehab Unit

"I can attest to the high quality of care they provide to their residents. In addition, they bring a warm, personal approach to the facility every day. Residents are treated as if they are family members."

Jonathan Rohrs, M.D., Geriatric Specialist, Elizabeth Scott Medical Director