Frequently Asked

Assisted Living Levels I & II

Q: What services are included in the monthly rent?
A: The rent includes: 1) Transportation for medical appointments, shopping trips, field trips and group outings; 2) Housekeeping services once a week; 3) Maintenance services; 4) Emergency care 24-hours-a-day by an on-staff nurse; 5) Personal care services; 6) Regular health screenings; and 7) Three meals a day with many alternate meal choices, including a continental breakfast.

Q: How often is the resident checked each day?
A: The resident is checked as many times as needed. The care that is provided to the resident is customized to their needs.

Q: What options do you offer with medication assistance?
A: The Elizabeth Scott Community offers many options with medication assistance. If the resident is independent, he/she may want to handle their own medications. If not, we can assist with that process by reminding residents to make sure medications are taken at the right time. Family members are also welcome to assist their loved ones with medications by filling pillboxes.

Q: What is the procedure for emergencies with a resident who is ill?
A: Depending on the emergency, calling 911 is still the best option. Our Health Services Coordinator will respond to the resident, assess the situation, and make a determination if emergency authorities should be called. If a resident gets ill during the night, Level II or Long-Term Care nurses will respond and assess the situation appropriately.

Q: What are my options for a doctor? Do you have one that oversees the facility?
A: When residents are moving to The Elizabeth Scott Assisted Living, there are many options to consider. One option is to stay with the current physician, or we can recommend one. We do not have a staff physician on staff in our Assisted Living facilities, however we do have a physician that oversees our Long-Term Care facility.

Long-Term Care

Q: What is the ratio between residents and staff members?
A: Staffing ratios are established based on our census. The Ohio Department of Health regulates that a skilled nursing facility must provide 2.75 hours of direct care per resident per day. Elizabeth Scott staffs above the state minimum.

Q: Do you offer private or semi-private rooms?
A: We offer both.

Q: How do you handle dining for long-term care residents?
A: Three meals a day are provided as part of the daily/monthly charge to the resident. All meals are provided in a private dining room for only long-term care residents so we can maximize our service to them.

Q: How active are your long-term care residents?
A: Activities are provided daily in the morning, afternoon, and evening. We also have an Elizabeth Scott bus that takes residents into the community for various activities.

Q: How is billing handled?
A: We accept various insurance providers or private pay for all three levels of care. Our billing office completes the billing when insurance cards are made available. In addition, our Long-Term Care facility is Medicare certified. There is a benefit period of 100 days in a skilled nursing facility payable as follows. Days 1-20 are paid 100% by Medicare, days 21-100 are paid at 80% Medicare and 20% by the individual's insurance provider or through self-pay. The Medicare benefit is based on progress with therapy goals.